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    Ukrainian Servicemen

    The Ukrainian photographer Alexander Chekmenev spent most of August at the Main Military Clinical Hospital, in Kiev, where he photographed dozens of men who were injured during the protracted conflict between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian authorities. They are mostly Ukrainian servicemen, Chekmenev told me, but some are members of volunteer battalions that offer the Army additional support. All were wounded in battles with pro-Russian separatists in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

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    Scrublands | Antoine Bruy | Via

    Whenever the emails pile up or the traffic grinds to a crawl, many of us fantasize about leaving it all behind and unplugging from the grid. The people in Antoine Bruy’s ongoing photo series Scrublands have actually followed through, disconnecting from the trappings of modern life even when it means jumping into a new lifestyle they know nothing about.

    “I wanted to meet them and see how they managed to learn something which they were not used to,” says Bruy, who lives in France. “Most of the people are not from farming families or anything.”

    Bruy has been photographing around Europe for the project since 2012, visiting some 15 encampments in his home country as well as in Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and Wales. He’s focused on those who survive as sustenance farmers, by raising livestock, or hunting. Now he’s holding a crowdfunding campaignbecause he’d like to extend the project to the United States, the country whose history he says inspired many of his subjects.

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    Historic Black and White Pictures Restored in Color 

    The history of photography is only about two hundred years old and the period when it was possible to take coloured pictures is a lot shorter than that. However, colour makes us perceive the image we view as more realistic. Fortunately, there are communities of colourizing black and white photography enthusiasts, such as  r/ColorizedHistory , that bring us emotionally closer to our roots with their work.

    1..2 .Marilyn Monroe, 1957. Original photo by Richard Avedon
                                                                    Colourized by Zuzzah

    3.4. Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein,1921. 
                                        Original photo by Ferdinand Schmutzer
                                                                  Colourized by Klassixx

    5. 6.. Louis Armstrong practicing in his dressing room, ca 1946.                                               Original photo by William Gottlieb
                                                             Colourized by DanaKeller

    7.8. Helen Keller meeting Charlie Chaplin in 1919.                    Original photo  by  Roy Export Company / Cineteca diBologna
                                                          Colourized photoby 

    9.10. Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge ca 1935.
                                                     Original photo source unknown
                                                             Colourized by Dana Keller

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